Embrace the Spirit of Sportsmanship

Randall Hills Country Club Rules

We believe that respecting the game enhances everyone's experience. Our club rules are designed to foster a friendly and fair environment where all golfers can enjoy their time on the course to the fullest. From etiquette reminders to pace-of-play guidelines, our rules ensure that every round is smooth, enjoyable, and respectful of fellow players. Discover the principles that uphold the integrity of our game and join us in upholding the timeless values of sportsmanship and camaraderie at Randall Hills Country Club.

USGA Rules apply unless amended by local rules.

Local Rules

    Out of bounds left of white stakes on holes 3, 6 ,7, 9, 12, 15, 16, 18
    Free drop from work areas, hydrants, and new trees - line of flight not nearer the hole.
    Mature trees played as hazard.
    Irrigation ponds are hazard, considered a lateral hazard.
    All yardage measured from metal marker on tee box to center of green.

General Rules & Rules of Etiquette

    Golfers are required to register in Golf Shop before playing.
    Maximum 4 per group unless given permission from the Golf Shop.
    Each player must have set of clubs and bags.
    Please repair Ball Marks on greens and Replace Divots in fairway.
    Invite faster players through when there is a clean hole ahead.
    Keep pull carts and golf carts 30ft. from greens.
    Only 2 riders permitted on carts
    Practice prohibited on regular tees and greens.
    You must be 14 to operate a Golf Cart - private or rental unless accompanied by parent.